before there is a problem

CarePredict™ Tempo™ learns the normal activities of your loved one. It tracks daily patterns and records them in a rhythm journal. If there’s ever a change, you get an alert to reach out and it’s easier to see the bigger picture and predict if issues need follow-up.

Unlike other devices, CarePredict™ Tempo™ gets a sophisticated read on well-being by combining activity data and location. For example, lying down in the living room during the day might be a nap, but more time spent sleeping over a week may indicate something to be concerned about.

Our focus is different:
We Measure the Daily Patterns.


A daily pulse on normal patterns

CarePredict™ Tempo™ gets a sense of your loved one’s normal patterns by combining activity data – sitting, standing, walking, and lying down – with where it happens in the house


A rhythm journal kept safe

CarePredict™ Tempo™ creates a record of your loved one’s daily tempo to make it easier to communicate the bigger picture with other caregivers.


A smart system that helps predict

CarePredict™ Tempo™ lets you see changes – sometimes before anyone senses something’s wrong – by tracking the small daily changes and comparing that to normal patterns.

Just in Case

A care network

CarePredict™ Tempo™ alerts you through email, text, or smart device app in cases when there’s a change in your loved one’s daily pattern so you know when to reach out.

Be there for your loved one:
Help them share their Tempo.

We know you care. But it can be hard when you don’t know about your loved one’s daily patterns. You don’t want to just react. You want to predict – the best you can. You need a better way to be in touch.

With CarePredict™ Tempo™, you can understand the normal patterns. It’s easier to talk about daily activities and sense changes before anything seems wrong. You know you’ll get an alert if there’s a change. It helps you know you’ll be there for them.

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